Looking to donate to an animal charity?

Animal shelter charities like the Little Angels Project in Agoura Hills, CA help families in need to find the care and shelter that their beloved pets need. Sometimes, families cannot afford veterinary procedures, surgery, or dental work for their pets. Sometimes “life happens,” and families need temporary shelter or housing for a pet following a disaster or financial loss. The Little Angels Project is a non-profit organization that helps pets and pet owners get the care that they need.

Tax Deductible Donations

The Little Angels Project (LAP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All contributions made to us are therefore tax-deductible. We will send the forms to you that can be submitted to the IRS for tax purposes. We hope that you will consider making a monthly contribution to us to help support our animal shelter charities. You can designate your contributions for specific purposes, such as surgery or dental care, or you can make a general donation to the Little Angels Project. Either way, every little bit helps! You can use our Donations page to designate a monthly contribution amount, or a one-time donation.

Services We Provide

We provide a variety of services to families in Los Angeles County who need help with caring for their pets. Wildfires or other natural disasters can displace families and their pets, or people sometimes have trouble making ends meet. We exist to help those families ensure that their pets receive much-needed care.

The Little Angels Project provides the following services to families in LA County:

  • Veterinary treatment, including surgery and dental care
  • Food, medicine & shelter for pets
  • Disaster response
  • Non-profit operations and partnership with other organizations

If you have any questions about the Little Angels Project or want to know more about the other animal shelter charities we work in conjunction with, please give us a call!

Monthly LAP Help Clinics

Our LAP Help Program is a monthly service that we provide to under-served communities that need assistance with regular veterinary care for their pets. LAP Help clinics are offered at different locations throughout Los Angeles County. By working in partnership with other animal care non-profits and veterinarian teams, we are able to provide the following services to under-served families:

Free medical exams
Low-cost neuter and spay procedures

Help Us Help LA County Animals

Since our non-profit opened in 2017, we have helped nearly 2,000 families that need pet assistance through our LAP programs, and have helped to adopt out nearly 1,800 pets to loving families. We could not do this work without the generous support of people just like you. Please contact us at (818) 515-5461 with any questions you have. We also hope that you will consider Donating to LAP to help us carry on this important work for animals and families in LA County.