Donate Specific Services

You can purchase specific services for Little Angels Project to determine where you would like your donation to be spent. Look through some of our options below to donate or read more about each specific service.

FIV/FeLV Combo Test

Each and every cat that enters our doors gets tested for FIV and Felv. Two common diseases seen in cats. These tests are no cheap and since we require it for each cat that comes in, we spend a lot of money in just these tests alone. Donate a Combo test so we can reduce our cost per cat and help more cats each year.

Healing Where Needed Most

This donation will go towards our most needy cases. Whether it is a dog or cat needing surgery or a family needing a little assistance. This donation will allow us to focus on those who need us most.

Fracture Repair Supplies

Many of the animals euthanized at shelters are in need of orthopedic surgery. These surgeries are not cheap and require lots of aftercare and often also need bandage changes. These costs are on top of the initial cost of surgery by an orthopedic surgeon. By donating this today, it will help us reduce the cost of these medical cases and allow up to rescue more of these types of cases each year.

Ringworm Treatment

Each year thousands of cats come into the shelter with a very treatable condition called ringworm. It is a fungal infection that is very easy to treat but is contagious to animals and humans. Because of this shelters often euthanize them very quickly. We are one of the few rescues who willingly take on ringworm cases from the shelter. A simple fungal infection should not be a death sentence for any animal.

Share of a Dental Procedure

Periodontal disease (teeth/gums) is the most common disease seen in adult dogs and cats. Periodontal disease causes inflammation and infection that can damage other organs including the heart, liver, and kidneys. Approximately 80% of dogs and cats will have some form of dental disease by age three.

Many of the animals we rescue are in need of a dental cleaning and/or Dental extractions. When animals enter our care we make sure we take care of any health issues they may have before being placed up for adoption. Senior animals especially need extra care and attention when it comes to their teeth.

This donation will help pay for a dental procedure for a needy animal.

Sponsor an Animal with Mange

Mange is a common occurrence in shelter animals. Many animals lived on the streets or had bad owners who let their skin get infected and full of disease due to neglect. Sometimes mange is contagious and other types are not. We often see the noncontagious type of mange at our center. While easy to treat, it often takes a long time and costly medication.

Sponsoring an animal with mange will allow up to plan for and treat an animal that would otherwise be euthanized at the Shetler due to a treatable condition.

Extended Stay Recovery

Many medical animals need to stay hospitalized for several days after procedures or while on treatment for medical conditions. This donation will help us cover any stays our animals require at the vet.

Share of an Orthopedic Surgery

Large expensive orthopedic surgeries are one of the big reasons animals are surrendered to the shelter or not rescued from the shelter. Because these surgeries need to be done by special veterinarians, even for resources they can be costly. We love taking on these cases because of our special relationship with Veterinary Animals Medical Center, but they still are costly.

By donating a share of an orthopedic surgery, it will help us rescue more animals in need each year.

Sponsor Adoption Center for a Week

Our adoption center is very unique. We are connected to Veterinary Angels Medical center which allows us to have a great relationship with our vet. We also have a cage-free cattery for our adult cats and meet and greet rooms for all potential adopters. Our Center is fully staffed so this donation will help us with the costs of daily operations of the adoption center for one week.

Sponsor an Operating Room for a Day

This donation will pay for the whole cost of anesthesia for the day for several animals in need. Many of the animals we help require medical care or surgery of time kind. From Spay and neuter to orthopedic surgeries.

Share of Hospital Renovation

We are very lucky to have our own surgical suite at our center. But making sure it works well for the doctors can be difficult. Your donation will go toward making sure we keep our surgical suite well-equipped and up-to-date for all of the life-saving surgeries we perform.