Donate Specific Services

You can purchase specific services for Little Angels Project to determine where you would like your donation to be spent. Look through some of our options below to donate or read more about each specific service.

Healing Where Needed Most

This donation will go towards the most serious cases. Whether it’s an emergency splenectomy, laceration repair, or foreign body surgery. This donation will allow us to fund an emergency procedure for a pet in need.

Share of a Dental Procedure

Periodontal disease (teeth/gums) is the most common disease seen in adult dogs and cats. Periodontal disease causes inflammation and infection that can damage other organs including the heart, liver, and kidneys. Approximately 80% of dogs and cats will have some form of dental disease by age three.

This donation will help pay for a dental procedure for a needy animal.

Share of an Orthopedic Surgery

Large expensive orthopedic surgeries are one of the big reasons animals are surrendered to the shelter. These surgeries are usually performed by specialty veterinarians and the costs can get very high. This donation will go towards pets in need of an orthopedic procedure such as a bone fracture repair, broken pelvis, and TPLO Repairs.

Wellness Clinic

This will go towards our Mobile Veterinary clinic days supporting low income families, veterans, and seniors. Your donation will help us to provide aid in the form of vaccines, flea control, antibiotics, eye medications, and so much more!

Sponsor an Operating Room for a Day

This donation will pay for several animals’ costs of anesthesia and surgery room supplies for a whole day. An Operating day will provide general surgeries such as spays, neuters and mass removals.