LAP Help

LAP Help is another unique nonprofit initiative founded by Darlene and The Little Angels Project. When natural disasters have struck in Southern California, The Little Angels Project volunteers are out there providing free veterinary services to pet owners and animals that have been displaced by the disaster (both pets and wildlife). We set up mobile vet care stations throughout North LA and Ventura County after the devastating 2018 Woolsey Fire. We were also there immediately after the Ridgecrest earthquakes and numerous Southern California wildfires in 2019.

LAP Help also provides financial aid to pet owners affected by local natural disasters or pet owners who may have just fallen on hard times. If you had a pet that needs help please complete the Financial Assistance Application to see if you are eligible for LAP Help assistance. Likewise, we are here to provide special funding to local animal shelters and vet clinics that may have lost business after a disaster or volunteered their own time and resources to provide surgeries or medical treatments to displaced animals.

You can complete the Financial Assistance Application as a PDF or through the form on our website. If you opt to download and complete the PDF version of the form, please email your completed application to

Financial Assistance Application - PDF Financial Assistance Application - Web