Online Auction

Our online auction is now live! We have amazing items such as jewelry, pet supplies, decorations, apparel and much more! Click here to browse our collection.

Auction Q&A:

Why do I have to use a credit card to register?

The auction requires a credit card for payment so that the organization receives the funds. Sadly, folks do bid on items they have no intention of paying for so to prevent defrauding the non-profit by placing fake bids or by not paying you do have to register a credit card. At this time there is no way to bid with paying by check or cash as an option on the site.

When I bid it gives an option to pay an item fee, what is that about?

There are a variety of auction platforms out there and many have a flat fee up front that an organization pays from $2500 to $4000 for the auction company to host the event. Betterworld offers an extremely low per item fee that they offer you the option to cover as the bidder, or we pay out of the back end from our auction winnings. If you use a host that charges $4000 and you only have $10,000 in bids, you obviously have lost 40% of the money you raised. You are not obligated to pay the per item fee upon winning, they simply offer it to you instead of our paying that.

Will you ship the items to me?

If you are not local to Agoura Hills or the San Fernando Valley and cannot pick up the items you have won, we absolutely can ship the items. We can estimate in advance what that cost would be. Most items would be shipped FedEx Ground or standard with a signature required so we are sure you receive the item and not the porch pirate. In the case of the glass framed artwork, we do suggest in person pick up. However, if you prefer to have a print shipped without the frame, we can provide a gift card for what we paid for framing and ship just the print so you don’t have to worry about FedEx bringing you a box of broken glass.

I see there are values placed on each item, how is that determined?

If the item was donated and a value was provided by the company or donor, that is the value assigned. If not provided we have researched the median value based on fair market.

If I win 10 items, are they all going to be shipped separately or can I pick all 10 up at the same time?

We will combine shipping for all items so you won’t receive 10 packages. If you pick up in person in Agoura Hills or if local where one of our staff can deliver, all will be delivered together. The items are not in 10 different locations, all in one place.

Can I still donate an item or service to the auction?

Absolutely, we are adding new items daily.

Interested in becoming a sponsor or donating to our auction or raffle?

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A very special thank you to our sponsors!