One of The Little Angels Project’s survivors of the Woolsey fire. This sweet boy was found stuck in a fence in Malibu, and was believed to have been running from the fires for nearly 48 hours. He was brought to our emergency triage center at Pierce College in Woodland Hills with the pads of his feet completely burned off.
With hard work and determination the medical staff at The Little Angels Project provided care to Champ for over two months, healing his wounds and giving him the love and attention he deserved.

As months went by and no one stepped up to claim Champ as their own, the team started to discuss adoption opportunities with the LA County Animal Control Services – the organization responsible for bringing Champ to us.

Luckily enough the public became very passionate about Champ’s survival story and became determined to find him a new home. One gentleman in particular, Kenneth S. Lott, saw Champ on our social media and knew Champ was meant to be his. He called nearly everyday asking for updates on our sweet boy, and to see if he might be the lucky one to make Champ his own. After weeks of discussion with LA County Animal Control Services, we decided that Kenneth would be the perfect fit for Champ and invited him to come down from his home in San Francisco to meet Champ face-to-face.

The second we introduced Kenneth to Champ we knew it was a bond that would last a lifetime. We were so sad to see Champ go as we had grown so fond of his company here, but we couldn’t be more thrilled to see him thriving in his new home. Kenneth sends us photos and updates often, and tells us Champ (who has been renamed to Leo) is so happy in his new home with his Shepherd sister, Luna.

Champ’s story will be one we remember for the rest of our lives, and we are eternally grateful to the public for their support and dedication to helping our cause, so that we can continue our efforts for other animals in the same way we did for Champ.

About LAP Rescue Program

We work with first responders and humane organizations during a disaster to provide animal care to injured and displaced pets and their owners. We also aid under served and homeless individuals with pets to ensure that no animal is surrendered to a shelter for financial need.