Meet Flash.

Flash came to us when he was diagnosed with a urinary blockage and his owners were unable to provide treatment. We began his care with what would be the first of 3 surgeries. The doctors initial treatment was to slightly open the urethra in hopes he would be able to pass the stones on his own. This unfortunately did not take as there was too much inflammation and damage from the stones. The next step was a cystotomy, where doctors go in to the bladder and manually remove and flush the stones out. At this point a urinary catheter is placed to give the urethra time to heal. After a few weeks with no improvement, they decided it was time for his last surgery. A PU, this would move the urethra to another place entirely and insure no other complications. After months of care Flash was finally healthy happy and ready for his new home on a beautiful ranch.

About LAP Rescue Program

We work with first responders and humane organizations during a disaster to provide animal care to injured and displaced pets and their owners. We also aid under served and homeless individuals with pets to ensure that no animal is surrendered to a shelter for financial need.