Meet Nora.

Nora’s owners fell on hard times after the Woolsey Fire in 2018. Their ranch burned, forcing them to move to an apartment. Trying to keep their life together and their dog happy in a much smaller space was hard. Nora started to have some health and behavior issues in the new space. After a vet visit, it was determined that she has many bladder stones that needed to be removed. Her family who could not afford the cost of the surgery and could not handle her behavior issues, wanted to have her euthanized. Nora was a happy and friendly dog to people and only being 4 years old, we felt it was not her time. So we offered to take her into our rescue, do her surgery and find her a new home.

He is all healed from her surgery and is currently on the look out for a new couch to crash on. She is very sweet with people and kids, but needs to be the only animal in the home.

About LAP Rescue Program

We work with first responders and humane organizations during a disaster to provide animal care to injured and displaced pets and their owners. We also aid under served and homeless individuals with pets to ensure that no animal is surrendered to a shelter for financial need.