Meet Nova.

Nova’s Adventure started when she escaped her yard one night. Her family immediately started looking for her and the next morning she was found. Unfortunately she was not able to walk and had most likely been hit by a car. Her family immedately took her to the vet, where x-rays were taken. Her pelvis was broken in many places and they were quoted $6,000 just for the surgery. They applied for CareCredit hoping it would be enough so they didnt have to euthanize her. Sadly, it wasn’t. They reached out for help and that is when The Little Angels Project stepped in. We helped them get the surgery for cheaper and paid for the remaining balance that they could not put on the Care Credit.

She is now healed from surgery and is back with the family that fought hard to keep her.

About LAP Rescue Program

We work with first responders and humane organizations during a disaster to provide animal care to injured and displaced pets and their owners. We also aid under served and homeless individuals with pets to ensure that no animal is surrendered to a shelter for financial need.