Meet Ruth. A sweet, 96-year-old woman who lost her home in the Woolsey Fire. She turned to family for help for her and her senior dog, Maggie, and they turned her away. They wanted to put her in a home where she could not keep her best friend and companion and Maggie would’ve been relinquished to the pound or worse.

Darlene Geekie, founder of The Little Angels Project – a non-profit animal rescue and medical organization – found Ruth at a crisis relief center at Pierce College. Darlene was with The Little Angels Project team providing free medical service to all animals impacted by the fires when Ruth came along. Once Ruth explained her situation, Darlene immediately found a home for her to stay in that would allow her to keep her beloved dog and The Little Angels Project prepaid several months rent and the facility pet fee for her dog to get her back on her feet.

Having lost her home and having no family, the last thing we wanted was for her to lose her dog.

About LAP Rescue Program

We work with first responders and humane organizations during a disaster to provide animal care to injured and displaced pets and their owners. We also aid under served and homeless individuals with pets to ensure that no animal is surrendered to a shelter for financial need.