Remembering Doris and her Mission

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Dear Yvette,

We wanted to reach out to you today, the one-year anniversary of Doris Day’s passing, to share a few special stories. Even as we mourn the loss of an American icon and dedicated advocate for animal welfare, we remember our promise: To uphold Doris’ commitment to the 4-leggers. In keeping with her wishes, and in recognition of the extraordinary stress and isolation many are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Doris Day Animal Foundation has issued several emergency grants. Our grantees are doing the very hard, very important work of supporting animals and the people who love them during this difficult time.

Animal shelters are experiencing unprecedented pressures right now. The pandemic has left many people unable to care for their pets, due to loss of work or stable housing. Our grant to Operation Blankets of Love has supplied dozens of deliveries of pet food, bedding, toys and treats to several shelters in the Los Angeles area, ensuring the influx of shelter pets will be well fed and given a warm place to sleep.

Animals facing difficult diagnoses at this time are at extreme risk. The Little Angels Project, also in LA, helped college student Mariey S. get treatment for her 16-year-old Chihuahua, Mitzy. Mitzy was misdiagnosed with a spleen tumor – a massive expense for a student to manage. Luckily, the Little Angels Project was able to step in. Mitzy was re-examined and determined to have Cushing’s disease. She is now on medication and doing better, while her owner is relieved no surgery is required.

Those experiencing homelessness are particularly vulnerable today. Many are confined to encampments, shelters or vehicles, and those who might occasionally shelter with a friend or relative are now turned away due to coronavirus fears. Our grantee Pets of the Homeless of Carson City, Nev., provides care for animal companions in these dire circumstances. Recently, a homeless woman, living in an RV, asked for help with her Calico cat, Mia. Mia was likely in a cat fight, and returned home shaking and skittish. Pets of the Homeless was able to arrange a veterinary exam and Mia was given IV fluids, and sent home with antibiotics and flea control. Her mom later emailed, “THANK YOU!!! I AM SOOOOO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SERVICE…PEOPLE AND PLACES LIKE THIS MAKE LIVING IN THIS WORLD A LOT BETTER!”

We are grateful that, with Doris as our inspiration, we can help so many animals. The need is far greater today than we could have anticipated. If you would like to donate — in any amount no matter how small — please know we will rush the funds to those with the greatest need.

With every grant we give, we think of Doris and know she’s smiling down on all her 4-leggers.

Stay safe, everyone,

The DDAF Team

Operation Blankets of Love